14 Dec

The KVTC Biomass Challenge

To mark the company’s 25-year anniversary KVTC will launch the KVTC Biomass Challenge in partnership with the Private Forestry Programme

Majority of households in Tanzania depend on firewood and charcoal for their energy needs and with a growing population this is resulting in ever increasing pressure on Tanzania’s forests.

KVTC operates a forest plantation and sawmill in the Ulanga District (Morogoro) and supplies roundlogs to an additional four sawmills in the area. All sawmills are generating significant amounts of unutilized by-products from their milling operations and none of the mills has been able to find commercially viable use for its sawmill residues.

KVTC believes that finding solutions to sawmill residues can offer some solution to Tanzania’s energy needs and assist in reducing deforestation whilst at the same time offer economic opportunities for the company to monetize its waste products. More details below:

KVTC Biomass Challenge Details 171214

KVTC Biomass Challenge Flyer 171214

The KVTC Biomass Challenge is supported by the Private Forestry Program and the Vice President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment)

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