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KVTC was established in 1992 and is one of the most innovative forest management companies in Africa, bringing a wide range of social, economic and environmental benefits to a remote area of Tanzania.

At the heart of the company is the planting and sustainable harvesting of 8,000ha of plantation teak and the protection and management of over 20,000ha of native forests and wetlands and a wide range of wildlife and flora within.

KVTC has  an integrated processing plant for the production of timber and value added products, bringing much needed long term employment and social development for the region.

With major shareholders including the Global Environment Fund and Finnish Development funds, KVTC is dedicated to delivering high value Teak, sustainably and ethically sourced from the Heart of Africa.

KVTC industrial facilities produce many different types of high quality teak products. These include :

  • Air dried sawn lumber ranging in thickness from 38mm to 152mm and widths from 76mm to as high as 300mm.
  • Kiln dried lumber mainly in thicknesses of 22mm, 38mm and 50mm and ranging in width from 60mm to 203mm.
  • Flooring
  • Edge glued panels used mainly in furniture production.

Teak has very high tensile strength, high natural oil content and tight grain. This makes it very durable and weather resistant. Its perfect for outdoor applications. Besides its beautiful dark brown colour it is also generally resistant to termite and insect attack.

Africa had extensive indigenous forests with vast amounts of hardwood timber. These have largely been depleted and KVTC’s teak is a perfect sustainable substitute for this timber as it has all the properties  that wood connoisseurs desire.

Orders and enquiries can be placed through the following:

India: Siddartha Bhargava. Cell number: +91 986 811 2510. E mail:

Rwanda: Norbert Kalka: Cell number:+250 788 382 323. E mail:

Tanzania and rest of the world: Irvine Kanyemba Cell number: +255 769 734 607. E mail:

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