The processing complex is arguably the most modern factory of its kind in Africa, north of South Africa. The process lines installed consist of a sawline from South Africa, drying kilns from The Netherlands and a modern Value Adding Line from Germany.

The area where the factory is established is in the geographic centre of KVTC’s four Plantation Blocks. To develop this green field project approximately 7.5km of new road was built to gain access as well as a new powerline constructed to provide access to the national power grid.

The processing plant offers employment to approximately 150 people on a daily basis and has led to a major increase in economic activity in the local community.

At present the plants process around 30,000m3 of logs per annum and over time this is expected to gradually increase to around 80,000m3 once the plantations have reached rotation age.

One of the main objectives of KVTC is to establish a processing industry in the same area where the timber is sourced. In mid 2009, KVTC completed an expansion project and established a modern sawmill, drying facility and value adding plant.

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