13 Sep

Once alien ‘crop’ is now fast changing lives in Kilombero

Its peculiar, extra large leaves with slender tall stems, gives teak an unusual foliage and make it stand out of the crowd. Once alien trees, they have now become common part of habitat in Ulanga and Kilombero districts in Morogoro region thanks to Kilombero Valley Teak Company (KVTC), which introduced the ‘crop’ in the region about 20 years ago.

Though they are now common features to the extent that even some locals have started to grow them, a journey to make teak popular in this parts of the country was not easy, as testified by KVTC current general manager, Mr Hans Lemm.

But this stage was reached after complicated process. Through continuous communication and interaction with the surrounding villages the company managed to change the initial scepticism into a situation where, by today, most people grow teak in their homesteads.

Article by Peter Nyanje, Published in The Citizen on 19th September 2011

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