26 Jun

KVTC Charcoal and Biomass Challenge – We Have A Winner!!

Dar es Salaam – 26th June 2018 At the end of 2017 the KVTC Charcoal and Biomass Challenge to mark KVTC’s 25 Year anniversary. KVTC and the Private Forestry Programme (PFP) invited interested and capable parties to submit a business plan that would describe in detail a commercial venture that would utilize sawmill residues. The described business venture was to contribute to solving Tanzania’s energy needs and assist in reducing deforestation whilst at the same time offer economic opportunities for KVTC to monetize its waste products.

Winning Bid We are pleased to announce that after two months of intensive evaluation of a total of 13 high quality submissions PFP and KVTC can now announce a winner of the KVTC Charcoal and Biomass Challenge!

Sustainable Carbon Cycle Industries (SCCI) of Germany submitted the winning business plan and KVTC is currently finalizing details with SCCI to turn their business concept into reality. SCCI intends to invest in a new charcoal and biomass energy industrial facility to be built in the Ulanga District. The total investment is forecasted to be around €4m. The new factory is expected to be operational in the second half of 2019.

Support KVTC and PFP would like to thank the Vice President’s Office for Union Affairs and Environment and the Hon. Minister Makamba for the support leading up to the launch and for personally launching the challenge in December 2017.

Sustainable Carbon Cycles Industries develops business models in the field of biomass materials production. SCCI’s objective is to introduce a sustainable, zero-waste and low-carbon emission production of charcoal. SCCI’s approach is founded on the concept of the circular economy in which waste is transformed into value, thereby contributing to the reduction of pollution, the protection of natural resources, large-scale employment, reducing poverty and promoting equality. SCCI’s team has experience of over a decade of developing and managing biomass ventures in West and North Africa. More information on SCCI can be found here

 KVTC is grateful for the support the Private Forestry Programme (PFP) has extended to KVTC during the entire process. PFP’s knowledge of the sector and insight has been instrumental in creating a fair and transparent process where submissions were judged on their merit. More information on PFP can be found here

 KVTC is part of the Africa Sustainable Forestry Fund, managed by Criterion Africa Partners (CAP). CAP’s Biomass experts have provided valuable advice to KVTC management during the final evaluation of the three best proposals. More information on CAP can be found here

Read the full statement here: KVTC Biomass Challenge Winner – Press Statement 180626

08 Feb

Forestry Fair in Southern Highlands of Tanzania

The Private Forestry Programme is organizing a Forestry Trade Fair to bring together growers, processors and buyers of forest products. The fair will be held in Mafinga on the 20th and 21st of March 2017. Read more here

KVTC has and will continue to direct a large share of its products into export markets however the Tanzanian domestic market is becoming increasingly important to KVTC and we have experienced double digit year on year growth over the past few years.

KVTC will be participating with a stand and will showcase some of its products that are available for the local market.

Trade fair brochure Eng

Trade fair brochure Swa

14 Dec

The KVTC Biomass Challenge

To mark the company’s 25-year anniversary KVTC will launch the KVTC Biomass Challenge in partnership with the Private Forestry Programme

Majority of households in Tanzania depend on firewood and charcoal for their energy needs and with a growing population this is resulting in ever increasing pressure on Tanzania’s forests.

KVTC operates a forest plantation and sawmill in the Ulanga District (Morogoro) and supplies roundlogs to an additional four sawmills in the area. All sawmills are generating significant amounts of unutilized by-products from their milling operations and none of the mills has been able to find commercially viable use for its sawmill residues.

KVTC believes that finding solutions to sawmill residues can offer some solution to Tanzania’s energy needs and assist in reducing deforestation whilst at the same time offer economic opportunities for the company to monetize its waste products. More details below:

KVTC Biomass Challenge Details 171214

KVTC Biomass Challenge Flyer 171214

The KVTC Biomass Challenge is supported by the Private Forestry Program and the Vice President’s Office (Union Affairs and Environment)

06 Sep

KVTC Essay Contest for Secondary Schools

At the end of this year (2017) the Kilombero Valley Teak Company (KVTC) has been investing in forestry in the Kilombero Valley for 25 years and to mark this momentous occasion the company will launch an essay contest.

The KVTC essay contest is organized to harness the energy, creativity and initiative of the youth in promoting sustainable development. It also aims to inspire the company to learn from the young minds and to think about how each of us can make a difference.

The competition is open to secondary schools around KVTC associated villages.

Detailed guidelines for the Essay Competition can be found here: KVTC Essay contest 170906

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