Forest Management



Sustainable forest management is critical to the continued supply of timber to markets within Tanzania and abroad.

Worldwide, as well as in Tanzania forest resources are under pressure from agricultural expansion, over exploitation and annual fires that decreases production and prevents succession.

To prevent natural forest from complete extinction, timber must be produced in higher yielding plantations. An integrated approach where highly valuable teak is produced within a framework of protected natural woodland leads to continued biodiversity protection, economic development and social improvement within the region.
Forest Management Plan 111026 Public Summary

KVTC is the only company to sustainably grow Teak (Tectona grandis) on a large scale in Tanzania. An area of 8,200 ha has been established since 1993 and new plantings have been carried out annually. 2011 was the last year of planting new areas and the company has now reached full rotation size.
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Natural Forests – Miombo Woodland
The natural forests occurring within the Kilombero Valley fall within the Miombo woodland. The Miombo woodland is characterised by species of Brachystegia and Julbernardia and includes patches of closed forest in some areas.
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Nursery & Tree Breeding
KVTC produces all planting material in the companies’ own nurseries. Only seeds from selected seed stands are used.
In recent years, clonal seedlings have been produced in a misting nursery from genetic material imported from South East Asia.
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KVTC Plantation Maps
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