Environment & Conservation

The Kilombero Valley’s remoteness and proximity to the Selous ecosystem has allowed it to maintain high populations of lion, elephant, buffalo, zebra, hippopotamus and Nile crocodile.

The area has also sustained a diverse antelope community including sable antelope, waterbuck, buffalo, bushbuck, eland, Lichtenstein’s hartebeest, southern reedbuck, bush duiker and Harvey’s red duiker. The valley is also estimated to hold over 50,000 puku antelope, which is about 70% of the remaining world population.

With increasing pressure on the environment from agriculture expansion, KVTC’s woodlands are increasingly becoming a major refuge for many animals. The extensive network of wildlife corridors linking conserved habitat areas means fauna are able to move in traditional patterns without any “island communities” developing.

KVTC does not allow any hunting or unauthorised logging on company property. Community members are allowed to collect NTFP’s and firewood for personal use.

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