16 Aug

Company Assist Village to Plant 6000 hectares trees

Village surrounding Kilombero Valley Teak Company (KVTC) has been assisted to develop 64 hectares of teak trees in a sustainable program for different villages in Ulanga and Kilombero. Talking to different project stakeholders KVTC Social Manager Kennedy Haule said this project is an asset for participating villages.

Also this seminar was attended with Ward Councilors, Village Executive Officers, Divisional officers and Forest Officers from area surrounding teak plantation. Haule said these farms will be source of income and contribute towards community development projects. Mentioned participating villages includes; Igumbiro, Idete, Nakafulu, Kidugalo, Iragua and Itete Minazini and that between 2007 to 2010 KVTC has spent 36 million as direct cost of establishment for village teak plot. Said that all income from the teak plot will help the village while KVTC supports all operations of managing of this farm.

That manager said besides of this village teak trees growing, KVTC has financially empowered local community to develop different community projects which aim to improve education, health and environment.

Also said KVTC is conducting annual village seminar to increase public awareness in developing teak project in Kilombero river Valley which involves different leaders from Ulanga and Kilombero districts.

Haule said despite of community engagements, the company has started processing small diameter logs into valuable products for markets.

KVTC is raising seedlings and local communities are allowed to buy seedlings/stumps and processed timber for furniture.

Earlier when opening the seminar Kilombero District Council Chairman Pius Affa explained there is a need to have good relation between local people, leaders and investors in order to bring community development.

Affa said without co operation they will be no success, and encourage the investors to increase the effort to invest in short term project in order the community to get earlier benefit and not to wait this crop which take 18 to 25 years to get the benefits.

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